Terrible Holidays by Christian Tour

christiantourAll inclusive holiday in Antalya, Turkey MC Mahbery Beach hotel june 29- july 6 2015.

Very unprofessional behaviour and incompetence from Christiantour agents and drivers spoil our holiday, cause us a lot of anguish and to very nearly miss our return flight (Tarom 4112 from Antalya airport, departure july 6 at 10:40 )

The bus transfer from the airport to the hotel should last 1 h 40 min according to the agent from Christiantour. Actually, it lasts 3 hours due to the driver’s need to stop very often for smoke breaks and even once for shopping in a Turkish market.

The evening before departure from hotel, there is a fax at the hotel reception informing us of the pickup time from the hotel for the airport (8:30) and flight schedule (flight Tarom 4112 at 13:30 from Antalya airport). All the information in this fax is different from that on our tickets, so we call the representative from the agency, Semir, who assures us it is the right schedule. However, very late that evening, we receive a text message with a different schedule ( pickup from hotel at 6:15, flight Tarom 4112 at 10:40 from Antalya airport). So if we had not called Semir and trusted the information on his fax, we would have missed the bus for the airport.

July 6, departure day

The bus picks us from the hotel 20 minutes late because the driver does not know how to get to our hotel. Actually, he does not know the way to any of the hotels where he must pick tourists for the airport, so he spends a lot of time on the phone while driving and very nearly misses hitting a truck in a construction zone. Due to all this bad driving, we get to the airport very late (around 9:30 for a 10:40 flight). Furthermore, the bus leaves us at the wrong terminal in the airport, where my husband and i pass through security only to learn that our flight does not figure on the monitors at this terminal and that we have to take a taxi to the right terminal. Meanwhile, the representative from Christiantour has abandoned us and took an airport shuttle to the right terminal with the rest of the group from the bus without bothering to look for us or to make an announcement calling us. So we payed ourselves for a taxi and passed again through security at the right terminal. It’s a miracle that we did not miss our flight.

Never again Christian tours!

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